April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month- get screened during a routine dental visit. | Baltimore, MD

Routine dental care is not only the cornerstone of maintaining life long oral health, but can also be an important part of monitoring overall physical health and well being. During regular preventive care visits with Baltimore area dentist Dr. Ed Lazer and his associates at Cosmetic and Advanced Dentistry, patients receive an oral cancer screening each year as part of a thorough dental exam.

Oral cancer is on the rise globally and in the U.S. over 8,000 deaths per year are attributed to this disease. Tobacco use and smoking are common causes of oral cancer, but the rise of the HPV virus has also been a contributing factor in the rise of oral cancer rates world wide.

When caught early, oral cancer can frequently be treated successfully. However, oral cancer has less than a 50% 5 year survival rate when diagnosed in the later stages. Sadly, many patients are diagnosed only after the cancer has progressed due to the typical lack of symptoms early on. Regular preventive dental care is an important factor in the early diagnosis of oral cancer. Dr. Lazer can notice changes in the tissue of the oral cavity when patients come in twice per year for visits: this can indicate a possible health concern.

Symptoms of oral cancer can include:

  • Persistent hoarseness
  • Pain or difficulty swallowing
  • Lump in the throat or neck
  • Persistent earache- often in both ears
  • Numbness in or around the mouth
  • Lesion or sore that does not go away

Oral cancer screening is quick and painless- and can be life-saving! If you have been avoiding the dentist for some time, now is the perfect time to schedule a routine dental exam at Cosmetic and Advanced Dentistry in Owings Mills – restore your oral health and get screened for this growing health concern.

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Gum disease? Don’t lose a tooth over it! | Baltimore, MD

Although the majority of adults will experience gum disease at some point in their lives, most do not realize that they have it until they either visit with Baltimore dentist Dr. Ed Lazer or develop more serious dental health problems as a result.

Known as the “silent disease” amongst dentists, gum disease can lead to complex dental health issues, including tooth loss, when left untreated.

At routine preventive care visits with Dr. Lazer in his Owings Mills dental office, he and his staff can spot the signs of gum disease- even in the very early stages! When gum disease is caught and treated early, more conservative and less invasive treatment is usually effective. Dr. Lazer can recommend additional at home oral hygiene practices that will keep gum disease at bay and prevent further damage to the teeth and gums.

In cases where gum disease has begun to adversely affect dental health, Dr. Lazer may recommend a procedure called scaling and root planing. This thorough treatment removes plaque build up in the deep recesses and pockets of the gums and restores oral health.

Dr. Lazer also has treatment options for patients with advanced gum disease, known as periodontitis. At this point, gum disease has begun to cause additional dental problems and is compromising oral health and overall good health: recent studies have shown the correlation between gum disease and health issues such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and stroke. Patients with advanced gum disease are at greater risk of these health complications, depending on their physical condition. Using the Bident surgical device, Dr. Lazer can perform a variety of procedures to restore oral health and reshape gum tissue in the comfort if his dental office.

Healthy gums are important for keeping your teeth strong and healthy- and oral health is an important part of overall health and well being. If you are concerned about your gum health, or have been avoiding the dentist for some time- schedule a visit with Baltimore dentist Dr. Lazer to ensure that your oral health is being maintained.

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Dental implants can support long term oral health. | Baltimore, MD

Replacing missing teeth has been an important facet of modern dentistry and the focus of both restorative and cosmetic dentistry as new options have become available that are both highly functional and natural looking. One of the problems associated with tooth loss is the subsequent loss of bone in the jaw where the natural tooth root used to be, causing additional dental health issues and bite problems.

Dental implants address this issue, offering patients who have lost a tooth a “replacement in kind”: a prosthetic tooth that is anchored into the jaw bone with a tiny titanium post that mimics the tooth root. The tiny post implanted acts much like a natural tooth root, which helps to generate natural bone growth to support the tooth structure. A dental implant not only provides patients with a secure, natural looking and functioning tooth, but it can also help to reduce further bone loss and support long term dental health.

Dental implants can also be used to secure dentures when a patient has either multiple missing teeth to replace or wishes to fix the problem of ill fitting dentures. Strategically placed implants will serve to support the denture and also help to maintain sufficient bone retention and growth for better long term oral health.

At Cosmetic and Advanced Dentistry in Baltimore, Dr. Ed Lazer and his associates offer implant dentistry and will create a customized treatment plan to suit a patient’s dental health needs and budget. Dr. Lazer and his associates use some of the latest dental technologies in order to provide accurate diagnoses and results that blend with a patient’s natural smile. Dr. Lazer can offer patients more accurate results using Nobel Biocare digital technology: this enables the dental team at Cosmetic and Advanced Dentistry to design a personalized treatment plan and guide placement of the implant(s).

If you have a damaged tooth, missing tooth, or slipping dentures contact Cosmetic and Advanced Dentistry in Baltimore to schedule a consultation: your oral health is an important part of overall health and well being!

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Is your bad breath telling you something? | Baltimore, MD


Bad breath, also called halitosis, upon waking is normal and the result of a drying out of the mouth during sleep. In most cases, brushing and flossing in the morning will restore normal conditions in the mouth and resolve “morning breath”.

Halitosis that lingers or is unnoticed by the patient may indicate an underlying health issue that should be addressed by Dr. Ed Lazer of Baltimore. Frequently, a dental cleaning can remove plaque build up that can allow bacteria in the mouth to multiply and cause consistent bad breath. Regular preventive care visits can help maintain optimal oral health and fresh breath!

Patients may notice lingering bad breath if they have a virus or throat infection: strep throat can often cause a distinct breath odor that will go away after treatment with an antibiotic. Halitosis can also occur as a result of certain medications that can cause a condition called dry mouth. Cigarette smoking and mouth breathing can also cause consistent bad breath.

However, there are situations when consistent bad breath can indicate an underlying general health problem. Gum disease, especially if it has been untreated for some time, can cause halitosis due to the decay of healthy gum tissue and the presence of high levels of bacteria in the mouth. Dr. Lazer can diagnose and treat gum disease, restoring a patient’s oral health and typically resolving halitosis that is related to gum disease.

Halitosis, especially when it is unnoticed by the patient, can be an indicator of more serious health issues such as diabetes and kidney and liver disease. During a preventive care examination, Dr. Lazer can detect halitosis and if necessary, refer a patient to his regular physician for a diagnosis.

If you are concerned about consistent bad breath, discuss it with Dr. Lazer at your next preventive care visit.

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Why good oral health is important as we age. | Baltimore, MD

While lifelong dental health care is important for overall good health, maintaining preventive care visits and good at home oral hygiene is just as important for older adults.

The wear and tear that our teeth experience throughout daily life begins to show more as we age and the body is slower to repair itself. Acid erosion, gum recession and weakening tooth enamel begin to have an effect on teeth, sometimes resulting in cracks, decay and gum disease. All of these dental health issues can lead to tooth loss and have an effect on overall physical health if left untreated. Studies have shown the connection between oral health and overall health and it is not uncommon for an oral health problem to be the sign of an underlying larger health issue: a regular visit to the dentist could be life saving!

During preventive care visits to Dr. Ed Lazer in Baltimore, he and his staff can spot the early signs of tooth decay and gum disease, offering treatment before significant damage is done. Modern dentistry emphasizes the importance of keeping the natural teeth as long as possible, supporting their health with preventive and restorative dentistry. Tooth loss, while sometimes unavoidable, can lead to additional health problems if teeth are not replaced in a timely manner.

A general and cosmetic dentist in Owings Mills, Dr. Lazer specializes in treating adult patients, especially those with complex dental problems, offering the dental services necessary to keep natural teeth strong and healthy. For patients who have lost a tooth, Dr. Lazer offers implant dentistry and implant secured dentures. Using leading technology, Dr. Lazer and his associate Dr. Rafat can provide implant patients with accurate, comfortable and long lasting results that will support good oral health for years to come.

If you have been avoiding the dentist for some time, we are here to help! Come back for a preventive care visit and begin to restore you oral health: it’s an important part of a long and healthy life!

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Dentures vs dental implants. Dr. Lazer, Baltimore

Missing teeth, or losing a tooth, can be a traumatic experience and affects daily life for many patients: chewing food is difficult in many cases and speech can also be affected. Frequently, embarrassment is also a factor and patients find themselves trying not to smile and avoiding social situations.

The restorative options for replacing a missing tooth – or teeth- are dentures, dental bridges or dental implants. In most cases, unless a patient is not a good candidate, Dr. Ed Lazer, a leading Baltimore area restorative and cosmetic dentist, recommends dental implants. Dentures can offer patients natural looking replacement teeth that are removable for cleaning and can be adjusted for fit as needed. However, this feature can also cause discomfort for many patients who may find it difficult to eat certain foods due to slippage. Additionally, over time the jaw bone may begin to recede and dentures will begin to feel loose and uncomfortable.

Dental implants, while more costly up front, offer many long term benefits and provide a natural looking AND functioning replacement for lost teeth. Anchored into the jaw bone with a tiny titanium post, a dental implant acts much like a natural tooth. The post can also help to preserve jaw bone, minimizing bone recession that naturally occurs when a tooth is removed.

Dr. Lazer will place a custom made crown on the post once it heals which will feel secure and blend with surrounding natural teeth. Implants do not require patients to watch what they eat because they are permanently attached to the bone!

Patients with ill fitting full dentures often choose to replace them with implant secured dentures: Dr. Lazer permanently secures the dentures with strategically placed implants. No more slipping dentures or adhesives!

If you have questions about dental implants and the dental implant process, contact Dr. Lazer at Cosmetic and Advanced Dentistry in Owings Mills to schedule a consultation.

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Restore your natural smile with restorative dentistry! | Dr. Ed Lazer, Baltimore

Modern dentistry has evolved into a number of specialized fields that can address almost any dental health problem and help patients keep their natural teeth in good health for a lifetime!

Restorative procedures can repair and strengthen a damaged tooth, avoiding the need for a tooth extraction. It is always in the best interest of a patient to keep their natural teeth as this also supports a healthy bite: losing a tooth can lead to bone loss in the jaw and shifting of other teeth which can disrupt the natural function of the bite.

Dr. Ed Lazer offers restorative dentistry in his Baltimore area dental office and has over 15 years of experience as well as extensive post graduate education in the treatment of complex dental problems. Dr. Lazer, a Baltimore Top Dentist, works with a team of dental experts in his Owings Mills dental office in order to provide patients with excellent results that meet their dental health and cosmetic goals.

Restorative dentistry can also replace a tooth that is missing or too damaged to repair. Baltimore area dentist Dr. Lazer offers dental implants and dental bridges for patients who have lost a tooth. Dental implants offer the most comfortable, natural looking and functioning results and can also help to stabilize bone loss because of the implanted post that fuses with the bone and becomes a natural part of a patient’s occlusal system.

Restorative Procedures:

Dental crowns: a dental crown is often used to repair a damaged or decayed tooth, providing a “cap” that will strengthen and secure the tooth;
Dental veneers: also used for cosmetic changes, veneers can also be used to repair minor tooth damage and maintain the integrity of a natural tooth;
Dental bridges: bridges can be used as a conservative method to replace a missing tooth, or teeth, using neighboring teeth as support for a custom fit prosthetic tooth;
Dental implants: often considered the best long term option for replacing missing teeth, implants function much like a natural tooth.

Modern dentistry emphasizes the importance of supporting the health of our natural teeth with preventive care and restorative procedures. Dr. Lazer offers his Baltimore area dental patients the dental health support they need to have a lifetime of healthy smiles!

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New year- new smile! Restore your oral health and your confidence with a visit to the dentist. | Dr. Lazer, Baltimore

The start of a new year is a great time to restore your oral health with a preventive care visit with Dr. Lazer, or to consider that “smile makeover” you have always wanted!

In recent years, there has been mounting evidence showing the connection between oral health and overall physical health and well being. These studies have sown that it is important to maintain optimal oral health with regular preventive dental care to reduce and/or prevent the incidence of tooth decay and gum disease- both of which can lead to more complex dental health problems as well as an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes and other general health issues.

Keeping your smile healthy is an important part of overall good health! Dr. Lazer and his staff will provide not only a thorough cleaning and exam during preventive care visits, but they will take the time to educate their dental patients on proper at home oral hygiene as well as recommend necessary or preventive restorative procedures that can increase the longevity of a patient’s natural smile.

Dr. Lazer offers a wide variety of restorative and cosmetic dental procedures to meet the needs of his Baltimore area dental patients. If you are ready for a “smile makeover”, schedule a consultation with Dr. Lazer. With the use of SNAP dental imaging, Dr. Lazer can show patients how they will look after a specific procedure. This allows patients to consider their options before treatment and make the best choice for their health goals and budget.

Dr. Lazer offers this service to his dental patients at no extra charge! If you have always wondered how a cosmetic procedure could transform your smile, SNAP dental imaging can provide a window into your future!

Start 2014 with a bright, clean smile and boost your confidence!

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Porcelain veneers may be the solution to your cosmetic or dental health issue! | Dr. Lazer, Baltimore

There are many general and cosmetic dentistry options for patients wanting everything from a subtle change to a complete smile makeover! One of the most popular options are porcelain veneers.

Dr.Edward Lazer offers his Baltimore area dental patients both composite resin and porcelain veneers as a cosmetic option for those seeking a change to their smile as well as to treat a variety of dental problems:

  • Close spaces between teeth
  • Improve the appearance of crooked teeth
  • Repair chipped or broken teeth
  • Cover stained or discolored teeth

While composite veneers are removable veneers that are attached directly to the tooth, porcelain veneers are permanent and can last for many years with proper oral hygiene, including regular preventive care visits to Dr. Lazer for thorough dental cleanings and exams. Porcelain veneers are made from a translucent material and both appear and function just like a natural tooth. They are highly stain resistant, offering years of bright, white smiles! Dr. Lazer offers complimentary consultations for patients considering dental veneers and will perform a thorough exam and recommend the best treatment option to suit a patient’s oral health needs, their personal goals and their budget.

Dr. Lazer also offers patients the convenience of same day treatment: using CEREC technology, Dr. Lazer can often fit, create and place a porcelain veneer in a single visit. The porcelain veneer procedure typically produces only mild tenderness that will go away within a day or two.

Dr. Lazer is known as one of the leading dentists in the Baltimore area for cosmetic as well as general dentistry- he has been a pioneer in the porcelain veneer procedure as a graduate of the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies.

If you have been considering a cosmetic dental procedure, contact Dr. Lazer in his Owings Mills dental office and schedule an appointment.

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Is your smile ready to shine for the holidays? | Dr. Ed Lazer, DDS

Looking for a quick and cost effective smile makeover for this upcoming holiday season?

Teeth can become stained and discolored with age, tobacco use and the consumption of dark colored foods and beverages.

At Cosmetic and Advanced Dentistry, Dr. Ed Lazer offers Baltimore area dental patients in office teeth whitening treatments. This treatment uses professional grade bleaching agents that will provide results far superior to over the counter products.

Dr. Lazer uses the Zoom whitening system for in office treatments, which is typically completed in about one hour! With the Zoom whitening procedure, patients can see results immediately that are up to 8 shades whiter! Dr. Lazer uses the Zoom light to activate a specially formulated bleaching gel that will immediately whiten and brighten the teeth. This treatment is followed by a fluoride gel application that will help to protect the teeth and minimize sensitivity that can be caused by the whitening process.

For patients who want to take advantage of holiday savings, Dr. Lazer is currently offering a special price for Zoom teeth whitening in his dental office: $300 OFF of the usual price of $695 for a teeth whitening treatment!

Come in for a holiday treat that you will enjoy way past the holiday season! Professional teeth whitening with Zoom can last for years with proper oral health care and regular dental visits. The consumption of tobacco products and dark foods and beverages may reduce these results, but periodic touch ups can help to maintain a bright smile!

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