New Technology! CEREC Same Day Dentistry

I broke my dental crown, and need a new one, tomorrow… With advancements in modern dentistry, it is now possible to get your dental crown repaired, and secured in just one visit to our Baltimore, MD dentist office. CEREC CAD/CAM …
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Join Our Dental Family

Dr. Ed Lazer and Dr. Roham Rafat work together to provide comprehensive dentistry for our patient’s optimal oral health. With over 30 years of combined experience, our dental care team combines their knowledge and modern dental technology to provide accurate, …
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What Our Patients Are Saying About Us

At our Baltimore, MD dentist office we believe in changing lives, one smile at a time. Dr. Ed Lazer has built his cosmetic and advanced dental practice around personalized and compassionate dental care that is focused on our patients. We …
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Quick Diet Changes for A Healthy Smile

If your New Years resolution didn’t involve resolving to have better dental health, the new season can be a good motivator for lifestyle changes that can also positively affect your smile! Spring means warmer weather, more social engagements, and more …
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Zoom Your Smile For The Holidays

There is no better time to brighten your smile than the festive holiday season around the corner! Family gatherings and reunions, parties and New Year events often have us taking a more discerning look at our appearance. Out teeth can …
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Why Choose Dr. Lazer For Your Smile Makeover?

“Your smile is a unique part of you” When it comes to lasting, comfortable results from cosmetic dentistry, those that not only enhance your natural smile but improve overall dental health, choosing the right dentist can play an important role. …
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Tooth Bonding Can Save Your Smile

Tooth bonding or dental bonding is one of the least expensive and easiest cosmetic dental procedures for addressing tooth damage, discoloration and shape. In this process, a tooth-colored resin material is applied, and then using a special light, it is …
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Maintaining Your Aging Smile is Important

Modern dentistry recommends that we strive to keep our natural teeth healthy for as long as possible for the best quality of life. With the advances of new technology in the dental field and improved standards of oral health in …
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The Benefits of a Healthy Smile!

When considering the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, we often don’t think of the impact that our oral health has on both overall physical health and daily quality of life. Take a moment to think about how a comfortable and …
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Denture Problems? Let Us Help!

Baltimore dentist Dr. Ed Lazer has focused his training and experience in treating adult dental problems, including those affecting patients who have lost teeth or struggle with poor fitting dentures. In many cases, addressing the problem of slipping dentures or …
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