Complete & Partial Dentures Baltimore

Made with beautiful, life-like teeth and the finest fracture-resistant denture base materials available, we design our complete and partial dentures in a wide array of sizes, shapes and shades to complement any mouth.

Watch our educational video to learn more about how dentures are made and fitted.



“When my 80-year old Uncle’s mini implants failed due to bone loss, we came to Cosmetic & Advanced Dentistry. Dr. Rafat patiently worked with my uncle, a stroke victim who was very frustrated with his dentures.

My Uncle was ready to give up, but Dr. Rafat would not. Full size implants were used to secure his lower denture- he is very happy with the fit and function of his dentures.

I couldn’t be more pleased with the work of Dr. Rafat and highly recommend him, especially when hope is lost.”

-Joyce Lewis


Comfortable, Stable Dentures With Dental Implants

Slippage can be a problem for many denture wearers, but accurately designed and fitted dentures can prevent this. For greatest stability, many people can benefit from Dental Implants. Our dental implantologist, Dr. Rafat, places titanium posts into your jaw bone to hold your dentures in place.

Existing dentures can be used and the entire procedure (placing the implants and retrofitting the old denture) can be done in one visit!

Implant-supported dentures can also do away with the need for your upper denture to totally cover the roof of your mouth – eliminating gagging and improving your ability to taste food.

Nobel Biocare
Dr. Lazer uses Nobel Biocare with CAD/CAM technology for more precise and predictable dental implant treatment.

AvaDent for Better Fitting Dentures

Dr. Lazer offers the latest in denture technology with AvaDent. Using digital impressions, Dr. Lazer is able to create better fitting dentures. A more precise fit is not only more comfortable for the patient, but leads to improved health for gums and bone.

No-Metal Partial Dentures

We offer metal-free flexible partial dentures for a natural, no-metal-clasps appearance. Many people consider them the most aesthetic, life-like partial dentures available today.

For many cases Dr. Rafat can also use Dental Implants to hold in stabilize your partial dentures.

Immediate Dentures

If there are large numbers of extractions, temporary dentures, called “Immediate Dentures” can be used. After extractions the bone in the gums tends to shrink. Once the bone shrinkage has lessened, after 6 months to one year, a new denture that fits exactly is made. Further bone loss can be deterred by placing dental implants.

Denture Repair And Relines

Our dedicated local denture lab can perform any kind of denture repair, as well as relining your denture for a better fit. We can even reline your denture with a super-elastic soft lining, for the most comfortable fit you’ve ever experienced!

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