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Dental anxiety? We Are Here to Help Put Your Fears to Rest

Dental anxiety is one of the top reasons people put off going to the dentist, even when they are aware of a dental problem. Fear of the dentist is frequently the result of previous bad experiences in the dentist’s chair or a fear of needles.

Dental anxiety? We Are Here to Help Put Your Fears to RestBaltimore dentist Dr. Ed Lazer understands the fears that many patients face and takes a comprehensive approach to helping them overcome their dental anxiety and ensuring that their dental experience is comfortable.

In addition to factors mentioned above, a fear of dentistry can also be exacerbated by misunderstanding dental procedures. Dr. Lazer and his staff take the time with anxious patients to explain each step of a dental treatment so they know exactly what to expect and how it will be done. In many cases, having an understanding of the procedure and outcome can give a patient the confidence they need to relax comfortably during their visit with Dr. Lazer. Once a patient can feel they are a part of the process and they understand the long term health benefits of routine dentistry, regular visits can become a lifelong habit- they may even look forward to them!

Dr. Lazer emphasizes to all of his patients that routine dental care can often prevent the need for extensive restorative dentistry later. Maintaining a healthy smile offers patients the best day to day quality of life, especially as they age. Routine care can enable Dr. Lazer to spot a developing dental problem in the early stage, treat it quickly and conservatively and keep the natural teeth and gums healthy.

Don’t let dental anxiety threaten both oral health and overall health. Come in for a visit with Dr. Lazer and discuss your personal concerns and dental fears before treatment. Dr. Lazer will ensure that you feel relaxed and confident in your dental care as he restores your oral health.