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A custom sports mouthguard can help performance

For many years sports mouthguards have been in use to protect the teeth during contact sports, preventing tooth damage and loss. Baltimore dentist Dr. Ed Lazer has offered custom sports mouthguards to patients of all ages for this reason, encouraging them to use them at all times to avoid major injury.

There is new evidence showing that not only do mouthguards reduce the risk of injury by more than 90%, but custom mouthguards can enhance sports performance!

Dr. Lazer now offers two custom fit sports mouthguards that are created using digital technology for a secure, precision fit. It is precisely this secure fit that is the key to improved overall athletic endurance and performance: traditional mouthguards often require the wearer to clench the teeth to keep them in place.

Sports Mouth Guard Dentist BaltimoreThese custom fit sports mouthguards allow the teeth and jaw to be relaxed during play by aligning the jaw in its natural position. This effectively reduces jaw and teeth clenching, which occurs naturally during play, and reduces fatigue and stress which can impact endurance.

Dr. Lazer offers the Pure Power Sports Mouthguard and the ArmourBite™ UA Performance Mouthwear™, both of which have been used by professional athletes who stand by the benefits they have experienced using them.

Spring sports are around the corner! Come in and have your athlete fit for a custom sports mouthguard that will protect their smile- and help them perform their best on the field.

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