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The Benefits of a Healthy Smile!

Cosmetic dentist in Baltimore MDWhen considering the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, we often don’t think of the impact that our oral health has on both overall physical health and daily quality of life. Take a moment to think about how a comfortable and functional smile plays a role in eating a healthy diet, speaking clearly and just feeling good about yourself!

Baltimore dentist Dr. Lazer emphasizes the benefits of restoring and maintaining your dental health for the long term, reminding patients that it is just as important as other health considerations for enjoying a good quality of life for as long as possible.

Routine dental care is the foundation of lasting oral health, but as we age our teeth often need a little “tune up” to keep them healthy and strong. Preventing gum disease through preventive care and good oral hygiene is also important for keeping our teeth healthy- the gums support the teeth and advanced gum disease can often lead to tooth loss, especially in older adults.

Dr. Lazer provides comprehensive dental care and screens for periodontal disease, oral cancer and tooth decay when you visit his Owings Mills dentist office. Spotting dental problems such as these in the early stages can prevent damage and enable conservative treatment to be effective.

Staying current with your dental care often saves both time and money in the long run!

When damage occurs, or lifestyle habits lead to worn or discolored teeth, Dr. Lazer often recommends cosmetic dentistry to restore not only a more youthful appearance, but to support tooth health and a lifelong smile. Cosmetic dentistry is not only about aesthetics- it can also play a “starring” role in keeping teeth healthy by addressing damage and wear that often leads to more complex dental problems or even tooth loss.

Have you been taking your smile for granted? If you have been away from the dentist, call and schedule a routine hygiene appointment and Dr. Lazer and his staff will help you keep your natural smile looking and feeling its best!