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10 Foods That Can Harm Your Smile

Your diet plays a big part in your oral health. Particularly if you don’t keep up with regular dental visits, certain foods can lead to big dental problems. Dr. Ed Lazer of Cosmetic and Advanced Dentistry, a dentist in Baltimore,…


Are Dentures or Dental Implants Right for Me?

Dentures and dental implants are both commonly used to replace missing teeth. But how do you know which option is the right one for you? Dr. Edward Lazer of Cosmetic and Advanced Dentistry discusses both options and why he recommends…


What is Virtual Dentistry?

Though many dental offices are able to offer regular dental services again, certain members of the population are still at high risk for COVID-19. At Cosmetic and Advanced Dentistry, Dr. Ed Lazer offers virtual dentistry for patients that don’t want…


Infection Control in Our Dental Office

With COVID-19, dental offices across the country were closed to everything but emergency dentistry. Now, things are slowly opening up and we’re able to go back to providing regular dental services. We want our patients to know that they’re safe…


Dr. Doroshenko’s 3-D Printed Masks

The coronavirus pandemic has affected us all in many ways, and among the most affected were nurses and other healthcare workers who were unable to access enough medical masks to safely see their patients. We are proud that one of…


Missing Your Regular Dental Appointment?

With COVID-19, many dental offices have been following the ADA recommendations and only keeping their office open for emergency cases. This means that normal dental appointments are being canceled or postponed. So what happens if you had an appointment scheduled…


COVID-19 and Dental Emergencies

Dr. Ed Lazer is a dentist in Owings Mills, Maryland that is dedicated to patient care. At Cosmetic and Advanced Dentistry, we want to remind our patients of the links between stress and oral health. Patients may be more prone…


COVID-19: Your Health is Always Our Priority

Dear Friends, I wanted to address the COVID-19 virus that is circulating our population and dominating our attention in the last few weeks. This is not the first contagious illness that has circulated our country nor will it be the…


The Importance of Regular Flossing

Many patients tend to ignore our advice about regular flossing. It may seem almost like a stereotype these days, but flossing really is important. Nothing beats floss for preventing tooth decay and gum disease. What Does Floss Do? No, a…


Dental Implants Could Be For You

So you've lost a tooth. Your dentist has probably suggested a variety of options that you could use to replace your tooth. Considering all these options can sometimes be overwhelming. Whenever possible, Dr. Ed Lazer suggests dental implants. Dental implants…