Advanced Restorative Dentistry for Complex Concerns

Restorative dentistry is an art and science that requires extensive training and skill. We take a team approach to rebuilding your smile providing you with more options and in-house dental restorations. Baltimore dentist Dr. Lazer and his team of dental associates are highly skilled in restorative dentistry and will ensure personalized and comprehensive treatment for a total smile reconstruction.

There are various treatment options for replacing missing teeth or repairing teeth that are damaged or worn-down. Dr. Lazer provides a thorough oral health exam and a bite analysis building a comprehensive picture of your overall oral health.We maintain open communication with our patients allowing them time to voice their concerns and discuss their cosmetic goals. Our approach to restoring your smile will vary depending on the state of your teeth and the number of teeth missing. We will examine your mouth and see which procedure(s) will work best for you.

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Restorative Dental Services Baltimore, MD

Restorative dentistry focuses on the rebuilding the structural foundation of the smile. From restoring a damaged tooth to replacing a full arch of missing teeth, our team offers a full range of treatment options for partial or complete mouth reconstructions.

Replace Missing Teeth- A Team Approach

Replacing missing teeth is the cornerstone of restorative dentistry.  Replacing missing teeth is pivotal to a patients physical, emotional and oral wellness. If you have lost, broken-down or severely decayed teeth, implant dentistry can help to restore the function and health to your bite and overall smile.

Our Baltimore, MD area dentist office offers the convenience of in-house dental implants. Our dental associates work cooperatively as a team to handle all phases of your implant treatment. Our team of specialists makes your complete dental restoration possible, right here in our comfortable Owings Mills, MD dentist office.

Baltimore dentist Dr. Roham Rafat has advanced training in implantology (a branch of dentistry focused on dental implants) and periodontal surgery. His advanced training and extensive experience provide him with the skill set to restore your smile. Dr. Rafat will perform the implant surgery and works cohesively with Dr. Vanderburg, our endodontist,  to preserve and protect your remaining teeth. Dr. Lazer custom designs and places your dental crowns, dental veneers, dentures or bridges. We use the most modern dental materials and techniques to create beautiful life-like restorations that will feel, fit and look like natural teeth.

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