Dr. Andrey Doroshenko Baltimore, MD Prosthodontist

Meet your local prosthodontist in Baltimore, MD: Dr. Andrey Doroshenko

Dr. Andrey Doroshenko began his undergraduate career at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, where he studied software development. After several years, Dr. Doroshenko applied to the Baltimore College of Dental Surgery, University of Maryland Dental School and graduated in 2014. Dr. Doroshenko stayed on for a three-year postgraduate program in prosthodontics at the University of Maryland.

Prosthodontist in Baltimore MD

Dr. Doroshenko has received the Dorace Wallace, Excellence in Prosthodontics, Golden Articulator, and Nathan David Gold Memorial awards. He continues to lecture dental students and residents in his respective field of prosthodontics.

His professional interests are implantology, dental photography, stereolithography (3D printing), and digital dentistry. He is affiliated with the American College of Prosthodontics and the American Dental Association. Dr. Doroshenko’s approach to dentistry is simple. He aims to provide comfortable dental care and put anxious and nervous patients at ease. Creating a relaxing office environment benefits both patients and dentists alike.

Dr. Doroshenko is an avid cyclist and has run races in the past. He was Cyclocross state champion in 2010. He is also interested in hands-on hobbies such as repairing and deconstructing cars. He enjoys photography as a hobby. If you would like more information on Cosmetic and Advanced Dentistry, please see About Us.