Cosmetic Dentures Baltimore, MD

Dentures are the standard in replacing a full arch or full set of missing teeth. Dentures provide a smile restoration option that can improve both the aesthetic and functional aspects of the smile.

Cosmetic dentures are made from high-quality state-of-the-art dental materials that look and function like natural teeth. We custom design partial and full dentures to complement your smile. They can be custom shaped, colored, and fit your specifications for a more comfortable and aesthetic result.

Dr. Doroshenko and Dr. Lazer work as a team to restore the smiles of patients with missing teeth and provide a beautiful, comfortable result. Our highly trained team offers full-service implant-secured dentures. Visit our dentists in Baltimore, MD today.

Cosmetic Dentures: what to expect

For patients with an ill-fit denture or partial denture, their existing restoration can often be used as their final restoration after implants are placed. For many patients, the implants can be placed and the denture secured in just one visit to our Baltimore, MD dentist office.

Implant-supported dentures can also do away with the need for your upper denture to totally cover the roof of your mouth – eliminating gagging and improving your ability to taste food.

We offer metal-free flexible partial dentures for a natural, no-metal-clasps appearance. Many people consider them the most aesthetic, life-like partial dentures available today. Partial dentures may also be secured using dental implants.

 Implant-secured Dentures

Slippage can be a problem for many denture wearers. Well-designed and precisely fit dentures can prevent embarrassing mishaps. Patients may choose to secure their denture with dental implants for improved stability. Many patients can benefit from dental implant-secured dentures.

Benefits of Implant Secured Dentures

  • Support integrity of facial structure
  • Promote natural bone regeneration
  • Help reduce risk of tooth shifting
  • Prevents additional tooth loss
  • Decrease risk of slippage
  • Enjoy a more varied diet

Dr. Doroshenko has advanced training in implant dentistry and offers in-house implant services in Owings Mills and the greater Baltimore, MD area. Dr. Doroshenko surgically places titanium posts into your jaw bone.

Once the implants fully heal and successfully fuse with the jaw, the denture can be secured to the posts for a better bite and a more confident smile.

Immediate Dentures

If a patient requires multiple tooth extractions and a denture replacement Dr. Lazer or Dr. Doroshenko may recommend “Immediate Dentures”. Our team approach to dental restorations allows our dentists to perform extractions and fit the patient with a denture in just one visit to our dentist’s office.

Once teeth are removed from the jaw the bone in the gums begins to shrink. Once the bone shrinkage has lessened, after 6 months to one year, a new denture that fits exactly is made. Further bone loss can be deterred by placing dental implants.

Denture Repair & Maintenance

Whether you have a traditional denture or an implant secure denture, good oral hygiene can help keep your smile healthy and prolong the life of your custom dental restoration. Our dentists can offer personalized recommendations on how to clean and care for your denture during your appointment.

For the convenience of our patients, our dedicated local denture lab can perform any kind of denture repair, as well as relining your denture for a better fit. We can even reline your denture with a super-elastic soft lining, for a more comfortable fit.

Cosmetic Denture FAQs

Are cosmetic dentures covered by insurance?

Dental insurance plans vary from insurance company to insurance company. Usually, premium dental plans have some sort of partial coverage for cosmetic dentures. On the other hand, basic dental plans do not usually cover cosmetic dental services. Contact your dental insurance provider for specific information and your coverage options. We provide financing options so that anyone can afford high-quality dental care.

Why are cosmetic dentures so popular?

Cosmetic dentures are for aesthetically oriented patients that think beyond function and want to improve their smiles with realistic and natural-looking results. Dentures are not just for seniors anymore. They may be a little more expensive, but prove to be one of the best options for tooth replacement.

Can stained dentures be whitened?

No. You can not have your dentures whitened with whitening gel or laser whitening treatments. Dentures are made of stain-resistant material and are easier to clean than natural teeth. If your dentures are stained and discolored, it’s time to get new dentures.

How many hours a day should you wear your dentures?

Patients should wear their dentures during the day, and remove them at night. This gives time for your tissues to rest and rejuvenate. Our patients wear their dentures 16 hours a day on average.

How long does it take to get cosmetic dentures?

It can take anywhere from six weeks to three months for a patient to get dentures. Some patients may require tooth extraction before dentures can be fitted, extending the period it takes to get dentures.

Schedule a Dental Exam and Consultation

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