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Custom Mouthguards Baltimore, MD

Mouthguard An Overview

Custom made sports mouthguards can prevent mouth and tooth injuries by more than 90%. Contact our Baltimore dentist office to have a custom sports mouthguard made. We use advanced digital technology to ensure the tightest, most secure fit.

Ready To Be Fitted?

To schedule an appointment for a custom fit sports mouthguard, contact our Owings Mills dentist office at (410) 697-6290 or request an appointment online.

Mouthguard What to Expect

Pure Power Mouth Guards

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Pure Power Mouthguards were developed by Dr. Anil Makkar, a Canadian neuromuscular dentist and owner of Makkar Dental Devices. The PPM has created a tremendous buzz in sporting circles and thousands of professional and amateur athletes use it.

The PPM naturally aligns the athlete’s jaw, enhancing strength, balance, endurance and oxygen flow during training competition and allowing him to maximize his performance.

ArmourBite™ UA Performance Mouthwear

baltimore area dentist for ua bitetech custom mouthguardMore than a just a mouth guard, ArmourBite™ UA Performance Mouthwear™ is backed by some of the biggest names in pro sports.

Why? Because they know first-hand that the breakthrough design increases athletic performance, strength, and endurance. It also offers superior comfort and protection when compared to over the counter options.

All the power is in you right now, but your instinctive reflex system blocks it. When you train and compete, your natural reaction is to clench your jaws, which compresses your jaw joints, releasing performance-sapping hormones that produce stress, fatigue and distraction.

Custom fit mouthpieces with ArmourBite™ technology prevent your teeth from clenching, pivot your jaw forward and relieve pressure on your jaw joint. With UA Performance Mouthwear, you can perform at your full power, because excess stress, fatigue and distraction are gone.