Smile Gallery

  • Will

    “I had partial dentures and needed something more, but I didn’t want to get full dentures. Then I saw an article about implant-supported teeth and veneers. After a consultation with Dr. Lazer I knew that this restorative procedure was right for me.

    The work wasn’t painful and the process was very efficient. The new crowns and veneers work perfectly – just like my regular teeth – and I never worry about it.

    People always compliment me on my teeth. In fact, they think that my mouth is too pretty for someone my age, but I’ll never tell.”

  • Diane

    “I have had bridges for many years but felt that I needed better looking ones. When I met Dr. Lazer, he showed me other patients with similar problems. I was convinced that he could help me.

    Dr. Lazer is now our family dentist and takes care of us, for any of our dental needs.”

  • Susan

    “I do marketing for an upscale facility and I’m one of the people that our clients talk to face-to-face. I have to promote myself as well as the company and a great smile plays a big part. I’ve seen other people with really nice smiles and have always wanted one of those for myself. So I decided it was time to get veneers. I had a high level of anxiety and the staff provided whatever I needed to make me more comfortable. I feel like they really individualized the care for me and gave me my own customized smile.

    The results are wonderful – I almost can’t stop looking at them. Now I know where all the mirrors are ar work. The veneers look so natural nobody suspects I’ve had any work done. My new smile makes me feel more confident, more attractive and younger looking.”

  • Shirley

    “My smile is important to me because I’m out in the public quite a bit. It’s good for your own self-worth to be able to smile and be comfortable and I never was before.

    I heard about Dr. Lazer from a friend and went in for a consultation about implants and veneers.

    Dr. Lazer handled my implants and veneers within a month. The work was gentle and painless and now I have a fabulous smile I am proud to show off. The cosmetic work has given me more self-confidence. I’ve been divorced for many years and I finally started dating again.”

  • Jane

    My consultation was enlightening. He took one look at my teeth and began to explain the improvements he could make. He shared albums of before and after pictures, which reflected his training in aesthetic dentistry.

    Getting veneers is one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself.”

  • Anthony

    “I was unhappy with the spacing between my teeth. When I saw the DENTALIFE I was impressed with the before and after photos of the smiles that Dr. Lazer corrected.

    I love my teeth now. When I smile I am more confident and comfortable, both professionally and personally.”

  • Joseph

    “As I aged my teeth began to shift. My bite was also off, and this did not help the appearance of my small teeth.

    Two office visits were all that were required to make the transformation. After my first visit, I left with temporaries that looked beautiful. The second visit consisted of an appointment that placed my new porcelain veneers and porcelain crowns.”

  • Karen

    “I love watching Extreme Makeover, and I found Dr. Lazer on LVI’s website. My teeth were stained and had become crooked with time. Dr. Lazer showed me before and after pictures of patients and I decided it was time to make a change.

    When I saw my new smile, I loved it more than all the other ones he had shown me.”

  • Lauren

    “Three years ago, I just turned 40 and my daughter had her Bat Mitzvah. In the pictures my teeth looked terrible to me. They were chipped and uneven. My smile had obviously aged. I wanted my new smile to be performed by someone who excelled in cosmetic dentistry.

    Dr. Lazer did the work and my teeth look totally different and I love my smile.”

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