Quick Diet Changes for A Healthy Smile

If your New Years resolution didn’t involve resolving to have better dental health, the new season can be a good motivator for lifestyle changes that can also positively affect your smile!

Spring means warmer weather, more social engagements, and more reasons to smile. In addition to better oral health and healthier teeth, your waistline will thank you as well!

Healthy Choices for A Healthy Smile

Baltimore cosmetic and general dentist Dr. Ed Lazer offers some quick tips for minor dietary changes that can improve both dental and overall health:

  • Substitute sodas for sparkling water or fruit. If you think water is too bland or boring, squeeze a lemon or add berries to your water. There are just as tasty alternatives to soda that are much healthier. Sugars from sodas form acids that erode the teeth and are full of calories.
    If you must drink soda or other teeth staining and sugary drinks such as coffee or wine, order water with every drink. Water prevents sugary drinks from lingering in the mouth.
  • Avoid chewy candies. Sugar gets stuck in the grooves of the teeth and the mouth creates acid to break down sugar, which leads to erosion. Phase out chewy candies from your snack routine and thoroughly clean your teeth after any candy.
  • Switch to sugar free gum. Gum with xylitol is still sweet but does not cause bad breath or tooth decay.
    Stop smoking. Tobacco stains the teeth and increases the risk of gum disease and oral cancer.
  • Eat foods that are good for the breath, teeth, and gums. Fruits high in Vitamin C like melon and citrus fruit help kill germs and foods with fiber such as apples and celery remove food wedged between the teeth.

Practicing these healthy dietary habits will naturally lead you to a healthier mouth and lifestyle. To ensure your smile is clean and healthy, be sure to visit our Owings Mills dentist office every six months for routine dental care.

Dr. Lazer and his staff can spot dental issues before they become full-blown problems and a hygienist will remove plaque that can’t be brushed or flossed away during your dental cleaning.

Call us today to schedule a cleaning and check-up -and discuss personalized lifestyle changes that can help you achieve a lasting, healthy smile.