New Technology! CEREC Same Day Dentistry

I broke my dental crown, and need a new one, tomorrow…

With advancements in modern dentistry, it is now possible to get a dental crown placement or repair in just one visit to our Baltimore, MD dentist office. CEREC CAD/CAM technology makes it possible to receive a custom-designed and fabricated dental restoration in about an hour. Using 3-D digital technology, the CEREC machine allows Dr. Ed Lazer to design, mill and fit the dental crown in just one dentist office visit, often with in just 1 hour.

CEREC same day dental crown baltimore md lazer dentistry

High Quality, Highly Durable

CEREC dental restorations are made from medical grade porcelain. The porcelain is highly durable as well stain and decay resistant for a long lasting result. The material reflects light in the same way as natural teeth. The dental restoration will be color matched and shaped for a beautiful appearance that will blend seamlessly with your smile.

Quick, Comfortable, Accurate

Receiving a dental restoration or dental crown designed and milled by the CEREC machine is a virtually painless procedure. CEREC eliminates the need for bulky, awkward and messy impression trays. Using a handheld digital camera, Dr. Lazer can take images of your mouth. These highly accurate measurements are transferred to the CEREC computer and used to create a 3-D model of your teeth. This model becomes the blue print for your new dental crown. The CEREC milling machine takes the blueprints and creates the dental crown on site at our Baltimore dentist office.

CEREC stores your dental restoration blue prints so that in the event of an emergency, a new dental restoration can be milled right away. CEREC makes it possible for patients to receive high-quality same day dental restorations. Dr. Lazer offers a 5-year guarantee on CEREC restorations.

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