Do you need a dental crown today?

Dental crown cerec same day dental crowns baltimore mdWhen a dental emergency occurs you may require same-day dental care. Broken or missing teeth or a loose or broken dental restoration can be painful and prevent you from conducting your routine activities. For some patients waiting weeks for a new dental crown or filling just is not an option.

Dr. Ed Lazer offers patients in the Baltimore, MD area same-day dental restorations so they can restore their smile and get back to living their lives.

CEREC Same-day Dental Crowns

Dr. Lazer will use a handheld device to take images of your tooth. The images are used to design a custom dental restoration that looks and functions like your adjacent teeth. The CEREC milling machine uses high-quality dental ceramic that can be color matched to blend with your existing smile.

Patients enjoy relaxing while their dental crown is fabricated right here in our Baltimore dentist office. In about one hour Dr. Lazer can restore your smile with a long lasting, natural looking, and highly durable dental crown.

In most cases, the CEREC dental crown can be permanently fixed in place on the same-day the dental crown is fabricated. Once your CEREC same-day dental crown is bonded into place you are able to use your tooth as normal. CEREC crowns are a durable dental solution that with proper oral hygiene and routine dental visits can last for many years.

CEREC & Missing Teeth

If your tooth has been damaged and needs to be extracted or if the tooth has already fallen out, a dental implant may be required to secure the dental crown. A dental implant is a small metal post that Dr. Lazer will surgically implant into the jaw.

Once the implant has healed, a CEREC dental crown can be designed to fit securely to the dental implant. Patients who require a dental implant will coordinate treatment with Dr. Lazer.