Achieve Your Dream Smile in 2022

At Cosmetic & Advanced Dentistry, we offer cosmetic and restorative dentistry services to help our patients feel more confident with showing off their smiles. Dr. Ed Lazer and Dr. Andrey Doroshenko are some of the top dentists in Baltimore and Owings Mills.

We have the skills to provide beautiful results by taking into consideration the natural aesthetics of your appearance along with your dental health. If you are ready to achieve your dream smile in 2022, here are two cosmetic dentistry services to consider.

Achieve Your Dream Smile in 2022

Porcelain Veneers

Dr. Lazer specializes in the use of porcelain veneers to help patients conceal dental blemishes. If you have gaps, stains, chips. or misshapen teeth, strategically placed porcelain veneers can help create a more uniform and naturally beautiful appearance. A minimally invasive procedure, porcelain veneers are thin, ceramic shells placed over the front-facing portion of your natural teeth utilizing dental cement.

Once applied, the veneers cosmetically replace your natural teeth without taking away from their functionality. We are currently offering a special offer of $1000 off of smile makeovers that include four or more porcelain veneers. This deal only lasts until January 14th, so don’t wait. Contact our office directly if you would like to learn more about our special offer, or to find out what we can do for your smile using porcelain veneers.

Cosmetic Dentures

Missing all or most of your natural teeth? No worries. Cosmetic dentures consist of high-quality materials that look and function like real teeth. Our top Baltimore dentists custom-design partial and full dentures to complement your smile. The dentures can be custom shaped, colored, and fit your specifications for a more comfortable and aesthetic result.

We offer metal-free and flexible partial dentures that give you a no-clasps look. Many dentists agree that they are the most realistic partial dentures available today.

For a more secure fit, ask our dentists about implant-secured dentures to eliminate denture slippage completely! They are permanent and can restore your chewing ability without restrictions.

Schedule A Cosmetic Dentistry Consultation

Looking for the top cosmetic dentists in Baltimore? Schedule a cosmetic dentistry consultation with our team today. You may also request a smile virtual appointment from the comfort of your own home. Simply send us a photo of your smile up close and our doctors will review your case and provide a custom treatment plan to help you achieve your goals.