Questions to Ask Your Dentist

Don’t know what to say after your dentist examines your smile? Do you want to ask a question but don’t know the right one to ask? We’ve got you covered. Patient education is an important aspect of dental care. We encourage patients to ask questions, whether they have a current dental problem or want to improve their smiles. Here, we will review some of the best and most common dental questions to ask our team at our Owings Mills, MD, dental office.

Dental Questions in Owings Mills, Maryland

Top Dental Questions in Owings Mills, MD

Asking questions is the best way to know how to improve your oral health, what treatments there are for your concerns, and how you can personalize dental care to your needs. When you talk to your dentist, you can ask:

Are there any ways I can improve my at-home routine?

Dental care isn’t just about in-office treatments. Flossing and brushing at home make a big difference in your oral health. We can teach you the best techniques and even types of brushes or floss that can benefit your smile. Some patients can benefit from one product over another because they have dental restorations, tooth sensitivity, or chronic dental problems.

What do my dental symptoms mean?

Please let us know if you have any current symptoms. We can take digital X-rays to find problems that are not visible with a visual examination. It is especially important to voice tooth or gum pain or changes in the comfort of your smile or dental restorations. Treating symptoms sooner than later can prevent complications and more extensive treatment methods later on.

How can I improve my smile?

If you have a healthy smile but want to straighten or brighten your smile, talk to us about your cosmetic goals. Our dental office provides teeth whitening treatment, porcelain veneers, and other cosmetic treatments that address discolored and crooked teeth. We can also provide Botox and fillers if you want to address areas around your mouth or in your face.

How can I prevent decay?

At-home oral hygiene and regular dental visits are some of the best ways to combat tooth decay and gum disease. Sometimes, brushing and flossing frequently can be enough to prevent infections. However, you may require regular professional dental cleanings or preventative care to stave off decay. Please let us know if you have noticed changes in the comfort of your smile. These changes may be an indicator of infection.

Do you have any more dental questions for us? Call Dr. Ed Lazer for general dental care and routine appointments at (410) 697-6290. You can also schedule a dental appointment with Dr. Lazer on our website.