Visiting the Dentist with Dental Anxiety

Have you avoided the dentist because of a negative past experience? Has it been years since your last dental cleaning? When you avoid the dentist, you can potentially avoid emerging dental problems that only a professional can address. When patients with dental anxiety are looking for a dentist in Baltimore, MD, they want someone who understands that they require motivation to visit, even for a routine cleaning.

In our dental office, we work with patients who have dental fear and anxiety, ensuring that they feel comfortable and get the care they need to stay healthy.

Visiting the Dentist with Dental Anxiety

Anxiety and Pain-Free Care From Your Dentist in Baltimore, MD

Our practice aims to create a friendly environment and use the latest treatments and tools for effective and comfortable treatment. We utilize multiple methods to address dental fear and anxiety properly:


First and foremost, we aim to accommodate each and every patient that visits us. Before patients visit our office, we encourage them to let us know if they require any accommodations to make routine visits or procedures more relaxing.

Our staff is full of friendly dentists, assistants, and receptionists who will help you find the best methods of care. If you haven’t visited the dentist in a long time and require X-rays and cleanings, you can bring a family member, music, or a comfortable blanket or jacket to make your visit more relaxed.

Additionally, if you require more extensive care, we recommend sedation and technology to ensure you do not feel pain during treatment.

Sedation Dentistry

Dental sedation helps patients feel as comfortable as possible during treatment. Types of sedation we offer in our office include oral sedation, IV sedation, nitrous oxide, and oral conscious sedation. Under sedation, patients may feel sensations but will not feel any pain. Patients can sometimes fall asleep or not recall their treatment under sedation. We may recommend sedation during cleanings for patients with severe anxiety or fear.

Dental Technology and Tools

Our office utilizes dental tools and technology to provide quiet and more comfortable patient care. We use electric handpieces that are much quieter than air-driven dental handpieces while offering the precision and power required for treatments. These electric handpieces are also simple to control.

VibraJect is a dental tool that delivers anesthesia with less pain. Because the VibraJect vibrates, it distracts from the pain of the anesthesia injection, making this method more comfortable for patients afraid of pain. For patients with gum disease, a tongue tie, lip tie, or a gummy smile, we provide laser dentistry. Dental lasers are quiet and comfortable alternatives to surgical tools typically used for soft tissue treatment.

Do you need dental care but are nervous about visiting the dentist again? We want to help you stay in charge of your dental health. Call Cosmetic and Advanced Dentistry for friendly care today at (410) 697-6290 or schedule a dental visit with us online.