Dental Anxiety Owings Mills, MD

Do you feel anxious when visiting the dentist? Have you been avoiding the dentist for some time due to fear and anxiety?

It has been estimated that 3 out of every 10 American adults avoid their regular dentist appointments because of fear and anxiety. Dental phobia is a serious condition that prevents people from getting the dental care they need. This common dental concern can affect people at any age.

combatting dental anxiety in Owings Mills MD

Visiting the dentist doesn’t have to be painful or stressful. Dr. Ed Lazer, an Owings Mills, MD dentist, offers a several options to help you feel comfortable and relaxed during treatment. Our dentist office is designed to be a comfortable and relaxing environment.

Our staff is highly trained and spends time with each patient to educate them on their condition and treatment options. It is very important to communicate with us if you suffer from dental fear so we can take the necessary steps to help you. Avoiding the dentist due to your dental anxiety can lead to many dental concerns including:

  • Tooth Cavity
  • Gum Disease
  • Plaque Build-Up
  • Early Tooth Loss
  • Damaged Teeth
  • Yellow or Stained Teeth
  • Serious issue including heart disease and diabetes

Causes of Dental Anxiety

There are many reasons people have a fear of going to the dentist. People who suffer from anxiety, depression, PTSD or who are Bi-polar or schizophrenia have an increase chance of suffering from dental anxiety or dental phobia. Dental fear can be associated with drills, needles or the doctor-like setting but these are the more common reasons:

  • Traumatic past experience
  • Fear of perceived pain
  • Feeling helpless/loss of control
  • Embarrassed by condition of teeth and gums

Patient Education

One of the ways that patients can feel the most comfortable is by having a fundamental understanding of their condition and treatment. Our Owings Mills, MD dentists will take the time with each patient to fully explain why the dental problems are happening and what we can do to fix them.

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If you suffer from dental anxiety in Baltimore, MD and Owings Mills, MD, Dr. Ed Lazer offers several options to help you feel comfortable and relaxed during treatment. Schedule an appointment today and be sure to mention your fear of the dentist so we are prepared to help you through your visit. Call (410) 697-6290 or request a consultation online.