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Root canal therapy is a necessary dental treatment we provide to preserve your natural tooth. Cosmetic and Advanced Dentistry is a dental practice that serves patients from Towson, MD and has a talented endodontist on staff. Dr. Patel recommends a root canal for patients who are at risk of losing a tooth due to severe decay and infection. A dental filling is not the best option if you have a root infection. While a root canal has a reputation for being extremely painful, it is not the case. The procedure is painless and will bring the patient relief from tooth pain. Learn more about this endodontics treatment below.

Root Canal in Towson, MD

When a Root Canal Treatment in Necessary

A real tooth is fairly strong, however there are many things that can compromise one. This includes trauma to the face, chewing on hard objects, oral health neglect, and tooth decay. Bacteria is able to enter the inside of a damaged tooth and damage the pulp. Pulp is the term that refers to all the connective tissue, nerves, and blood vessels that exist inside a tooth.

When bacteria enters the tooth, an infection will develop called pulpitis. This type of infection is normally painful. Most people will find it difficult to go about a normal day. Other than pain, a person may also experience extreme sensitivity to hot and cold, a lot of pressure, throbbing, swelling, and fever. These symptoms are a sure sign that you need a root canal performed.

How urgent is a root canal?

You should get a root canal within a few weeks if you are on antibiotics. However, even if you are on medication to control the infection, this will only buy you a few weeks. Medicine alone will not remedy the infection. Also, an infected tooth is very painful. Most people suffer greatly from the pain and want the procedure as soon as possible. Additionally, an infection anywhere in your body is serious. An infected tooth left untreated can cause major issues including tooth loss. It is best that you call your dentist immediately and have complete root canal therapy as soon as possible.

Why does a root canal require so many visits?

After the actual root canal procedure, the tooth will need to under-go additional treatment to protect it. This includes a permanent filling or a dental crown. The filling or crown is a very key step in the root canal process, because they protect the now weakened tooth.

Can an infected tooth heal itself?

No, An experienced dentist will have to remove an infection inside the tooth. Your oral and overall health are at risk every day the infection is there. This bacterial infection can spread to other areas of your body including the jaw, brain, blood and cause serious harm.

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