Dentist in Greenspring, MD

Welcome to Cosmetic and Advanced Dentistry, the dentist offices of Dr. Ed Lazer and Dr. Andrey Doroshenko. As top local dentists, they attract patients from many of the surrounding areas we serve.

Our dental practice specializes in cosmetic dentistry, treating complex dental cases, and dental implants. We also provide preventive care for our patients. If you are searching for a new dentist in Greenspring, MD, consider Cosmetic and Advanced Dentistry.

dentistry near Greenspring, MD

We Provide a Full Menu of Dental Services

We are proud to offer all the dental services you need in one location. Keep your smile healthy and beautiful in Greenspring. You will find treatments that keep your smile healthy, functioning properly, and looking beautiful at our dental office.

To keep your teeth and gums healthy, we encourage you to schedule an appointment once every six months for optimal oral health. During these appointments, we will clean your teeth and examine your teeth and gums for dental problems. Once a year, we will take X-rays to make sure everything below the gums is healthy.

Prompt treatment, such as a dental filling or root canal procedure, is best for your oral health. Our dentists will do their best to find dental issues before they become larger concerns. Best of all, treating complex dental issues is one of our specialties.

We build personalized treatment plans for complex issues to restore health and function to your mouth. If you are suffering from issues like missing teeth or damaged teeth, we will put a plan in place to replace them. Dr. Doroshenko is a top prosthodontist and dental implant specialist in the area.

Additionally, if you have a smile you dislike, we offer several cosmetic dentistry treatments including porcelain veneers. Dr. Lazer possesses the skill and artistry to create a smile you will love. Regardless of your concern, he can transform your smile using quality materials, advanced techniques, and the latest dental technology.

If You Avoid the Dentist, Sedation Dentistry Can Help

Cosmetic and Advanced Dentistry offers several types of sedation dentistry methods. Our dental sedation options can help patients that suffer from dental anxiety and fear of the dentist. Dental sedation also helps us treat patients that need complex dental work and oral surgery. Sedation dentistry allows patients to feel calm during their entire dental appointment.

Most people will have little to no memory of the actual procedure. Sedation dentistry allows anxious patients to receive the care they need. It also allows your dentist to complete more treatments in a single visit. To learn more about the sedation dentistry methods we provide, visit Sedation Dentistry.

What to Expect as a New Patient

The Cosmetic and Advanced Dentistry team believes in creating lasting relationships with our patients. As a new patient, you should expect top-quality care and services from our dental care team.

We never overbook appointments and allot plenty of time for your first appointment. You will be able to discuss any oral health problems you are having or cosmetic issues you would like to address.

We have special offers for our new patients as well. If you’re searching for a new dentist in Greenspring, Cosmetic & Advanced Dentistry are taking new patients! Cosmetic and Advanced Dentistry is a top local dentist office that provides full-service dental care.

Our goal is to provide our patients with quality dental care to maintain a healthy, functional, and beautiful smile. Dr. Lazer and Dr. Doroshenko are accepting new patients from Greenspring, Pikesville, Glencoe, Brooklandville, and many other surrounding areas.