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Protect your Athlete’s Teeth with a Sports Mouth Guard!

An injury to the teeth can often be devastating and may require extensive restorative and cosmetic dental procedures to fix. Protecting the teeth during contact sports can be accomplished with a sports mouth guard that is custom fit and durable.

Dr. Lazer offers his patients the ArmourBite UA Performance mouth guard to both protect their teeth and relax the jaw during athletic play or workouts. During physical exertion, we naturally clench our teeth and tighten the jaw. This has been found to actually reduce our overall strength and fatigue us faster.

The Under Armour Armourbite mouth guard uses patented Power Wedge technology that helps to maintain the natural spacing between the top and bottom teeth and reduce the stress placed on the jaw from teeth clenching. Relaxing the jaw will improve strength and endurance needed during competitive sports and vigorous workouts.

Dr. Lazer will fit a patient with the appropriate mouth guard to be sure that the maximum benefits are achieved and the teeth are protected. He will educate his patients who are active or participate in contact sports on the importance of wearing protective devices and maintaining them with proper care and cleaning.

Permanent teeth cannot grow back- protect them during physical play. If you or your child will be playing sports this fall, contact Dr. Lazer as soon as possible to schedule an appointment to be fitted with your custom UA ArmourBite appliance before you hit the field!