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Gum disease? Don’t Lose a Tooth Over It!

Although the majority of adults will experience gum disease at some point in their lives, most do not realize that they have it until they either visit with Baltimore dentist Dr. Ed Lazer or develop more serious dental health problems as a result.

Known as the “silent disease” amongst dentists, gum disease can lead to complex dental health issues, including tooth loss, when left untreated.

At routine preventive care visits with Dr. Lazer in his Owings Mills dental office, he and his staff can spot the signs of gum disease- even in the very early stages! When gum disease is caught and treated early, more conservative and less invasive treatment is usually effective. Dr. Lazer can recommend additional at home oral hygiene practices that will keep gum disease at bay and prevent further damage to the teeth and gums.

In cases where gum disease has begun to adversely affect dental health, Dr. Lazer may recommend a procedure called scaling and root planing. This thorough treatment removes plaque build up in the deep recesses and pockets of the gums and restores oral health.

Dr. Lazer also has treatment options for patients with advanced gum disease, known as periodontitis. At this point, gum disease has begun to cause additional dental problems and is compromising oral health and overall good health: recent studies have shown the correlation between gum disease and health issues such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and stroke. Patients with advanced gum disease are at greater risk of these health complications, depending on their physical condition. Using the Bident surgical device, Dr. Lazer can perform a variety of procedures to restore oral health and reshape gum tissue in the comfort if his dental office.

Healthy gums are important for keeping your teeth strong and healthy- and oral health is an important part of overall health and well being. If you are concerned about your gum health, or have been avoiding the dentist for some time- schedule a visit with Baltimore dentist Dr. Lazer to ensure that your oral health is being maintained.