The True Cost of Dental Implants

One of the biggest hindrances people have about Baltimore dental implants is the cost. But when you compare the cost with the benefits you get from dental implants, you may think differently. Dr. Ed Lazer discusses the real cost of Baltimore dental implants.

The Different Factors Determining Cost

There are many different things that can impact what you’d pay for dental implants. First, you do have to understand that implants will cost more than other tooth replacement options. This is because they require a surgical component that others don’t have. Because it’s more invasive and requires more visits to our office, it already costs more.

Other factors can impact the cost as well. One dental implant isn’t going to cost as much as a full mouth of them, so the number of implants is always a factor. It also depends on the size of dental implants you’ll need and where they’ll be placed in the mouth. If it’s a bigger tooth like a molar, it may cost more than a smaller tooth.

You also have to have a healthy mouth to get dental implants. If you’re having problems with gum disease, this will have to be treated before you’re able to get implants. Any remaining teeth that are broken and decayed will have to be extracted from the mouth. We want to make sure that your mouth is healthy and you aren’t at risk for infection when you’re getting a surgical procedure.

Lastly, you have to have enough healthy bone tissue to get dental implants. Implants get their stability because they fuse with the jawbone. It’s necessary to have enough healthy bone to be implanted in to give you the functionality that you’re looking for with implants. It’ll cost more to get implants if a bone grafting procedure is needed beforehand.

Why Do Implants Cost So Much?

All told, dental implants can range from a couple of thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. But why do they cost quite so much? Of course, anything that’s implanted into the jaw will cost more. But you’re also paying for the security that implants bring. The restoration will not slip or fall out, and will never have to pay to get it readjusted or replaced.

Dental implants also give you back 100% of your bite function, something that no other restoration can offer. There’s no extra maintenance, either. Dental implants can be cared for like normal teeth. You just have to brush, floss, and visit your dentist regularly!

Getting Dental Implants in Baltimore

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