Keep Your Teeth Bright After Whitening

Patients with yellowing, stained, or discolored teeth can visit their dentist for professional teeth whitening services. This process begins with an arch-shaped tray filled with whitening gel that is placed in the patient’s mouth. Once the teeth are coated in the gel, the dentist will shine an LED light over the teeth to activate the whitening agent.

Patients often see whiter teeth within an hour after the treatment. After achieving a brighter smile, patients will want to keep this new appearance. Dr. Ed Lazer, a dentist in Owings Mills, MD, reveals tips for caring for your smile after teeth whitening.

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Avoid staining agents

Tooth discoloration often comes from staining agents that your mouth is exposed to. Once your teeth have undergone a whitening treatment, avoiding these substances is key to keeping your teeth at your ideal color. Dark-colored food and drinks, such as tea, coffee, and red wine, are common staining agents that can damage your teeth.

These substances should be enjoyed in moderation to ensure the effects of your whitening treatment last as long as possible. Smoking can cause teeth discoloration too. Dentists recommend ceasing this habit for your oral health to lower the risk of other secondary health problems.

Keep good oral hygiene habits

Teeth can become discolored if good oral hygiene is not maintained. After a whitening treatment, you will want to set proper oral hygiene habits to keep your teeth looking brighter for a longer period. You should brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss daily.

It is most beneficial to floss at night to eliminate bacteria and debris that has accrued between your teeth during the day. Clean and healthy teeth will be able to keep the desired pearly white appearance to your smile.

Maintain regular dentist visits

A major part of keeping your teeth healthy is regular dentist appointments. You should schedule two dental cleanings per year. Annual fluoride treatments will also ensure the enamel of your teeth remains strong and healthy. Regular visits will allow your dentists to examine you for cavities or other issues that can damage your teeth.

Early intervention for signs of tooth decay can keep your teeth healthy, allowing them to retain their white color. Your dentist can also provide you with whitening touch-ups if needed.

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