3 Questions To Ask Your Dentist

At Cosmetic & Advanced Dentistry, we are committed to educating our patients on all aspects of their dental health. Whether you are a new patient or a patient that has been with us for many years, we encourage you to always feel welcome to ask questions during your dental appointments.

Our team is here to help you better understand how to improve and maintain your best smile. Here are some great questions you can ask to make the most out of your upcoming appointment with our dentist office in Baltimore, MD.

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How can I improve my oral hygiene?

Routine dental appointments often include a dental cleaning. During your dental cleaning, any plaque or tartar is removed from your dental structures so it does not irritate or infect your gum line. Your dental hygienist will be able to tell which spots in your smile are being missed during your at-home oral hygiene routine based on the amount of buildup in different areas of your smile.

Feel free to ask your hygienist how you can improve your oral hygiene routines. They can help you identify problem areas that you may be missing when brushing or flossing. Additionally, they can offer guidance on proper flossing techniques, how to brush using an electronic toothbrush, or what ingredients to look for when you buy oral hygiene products.

I have a dental concern. What are my treatment options?

Your routine dental appointments are a chance for you to voice any dental concerns that you have. Our experienced dental professionals are here to help you address your dental concerns and restore your peace of mind. If you’ve experienced any toothaches, tension headaches, jaw pain, gum bleeding, or anything else associated with your dental health, please make sure to let us know. We can factor those symptoms that you’ve experienced outside of the dentist’s office into your treatment plan.

After we’ve thoroughly cleaned and examined your dental structures, we will be able to offer you a custom treatment plan designed specifically for your needs. Our Baltimore dentist office offers a wide range of dental services including general dentistry, restorative dentistry, and cosmetic dentistry. We have the services you need to address your dental concerns promptly.

What are your cosmetic dentistry suggestions?

Dr. Lazer is a leading cosmetic dentist in Baltimore. He has helped many of his patients achieve their dream smiles using porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, and cosmetic dentures. During your routine exam, Dr. Lazer is happy to provide cosmetic dentistry consultations to let you know what our office can do for your smile.

Whether you want to address minor blemishes or you want to achieve a complete smile makeover, Dr. Lazer can provide you with cosmetic dentistry recommendations to meet your needs.