Dental Crowns vs. Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers Baltimore MDDr. Lazer is a leading provider of porcelain veneers and dental crowns. His artistic eye and extensive expertise allow him to help patients find the best solutions for creating their dream smiles in our Baltimore dentist office. At Cosmetic & Advanced Dentistry, we offer a wide range of cosmetic and restorative dentistry solutions to help our patients achieve their smile goals. Two popular dental services that we offer are porcelain veneers and dental crowns. While these two services may seem similar, they are utilized for different purposes. Learn more about the differences between porcelain veneers and dental crowns below:

Porcelain Veneers in Baltimore, MD

Porcelain veneers are a cosmetic dentistry solution used to conceal aesthetic concerns like misshapen teeth, bleach-resistant stains, or large gaps. They help improve the uniformity of your smile by covering up blemishes. Porcelain veneers consist of thin, ceramic shells that are designed to cover the front-facing portion of your tooth. Patients can get one veneer or a mouth full of veneers depending on their budgetary needs and cosmetic goals. Most of your natural tooth remains intact beneath the porcelain veneer, meaning that the procedure itself does not require much enamel removal. Porcelain veneers cosmetically replace your tooth while allowing you to maintain your natural tooth structure and functionality. They are designed to blend in seamlessly with the rest of your smile, allowing you to enjoy a your-smile-but-better end result.

Dental Crowns in Baltimore, MD

Dental crowns are a restorative dentistry solution used to restore severely broken or decayed teeth. While porcelain veneers cover only the front-facing portion of your tooth, dental crowns replace the entire exterior of your tooth. The dental crown is a porcelain cap designed to cosmetically and functionally replace an affected tooth. It requires extensive enamel removal as your dentist will need to shape your tooth down to its foundational core that will be used to support the dental crown. Patients love dental crowns because it allows them to maintain their tooth-root systems despite having experienced severe dental damages. This treatment option allows you to avoid the need for tooth extraction while also cosmetically restoring your smile, and ensuring that your smile is fully functional for proper chewing and speaking purposes.

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