Why Choose a Custom Mouthguard

The importance of oral health cannot be overstated, especially for individuals involved in physical activities like sports. A custom mouthguard plays an essential role in maintaining good oral health by offering protection against injuries that could lead to extensive restorative and cosmetic dental procedures.

A custom mouthguard plays an essential role in maintaining good oral health by offering protection against injuries

Custom Sports Mouthguards: An Investment in Oral Health

In Baltimore, MD, dentists offer custom-fit sports mouthguards designed to provide long-lasting protection during contact sports. These devices are not just about safeguarding the teeth; they also help relax the jaw during athletic play or workouts. This is crucial because clenching our teeth and tightening our jaws during physical exertion reduces overall strength and speeds up fatigue. A popular choice among athletes is the ArmourBite UA Performance mouthguard, which uses patented Power Wedge technology to maintain natural spacing between the top and bottom teeth while reducing stress on the jaw from teeth clenching.

The Benefits of Custom Mouthguards

Not only do these customized protective devices improve balance, strength, and endurance, but they could also prevent mouth and tooth injuries when worn correctly. Unlike over-the-counter options, custom-made mouthguards offer superior comfort as well as protection thanks to their precise fit. Another impressive innovation in this field is Pure Power Mouthguards, developed by Dr. Anil Makkar, which naturally aligns an athlete’s jaw, enhancing strength, balance, and endurance while increasing oxygen flow during training competition, thus maximizing performance. When it comes to choosing a suitable protector for your smile, one should consider its ability to prevent your teeth from clenching, pivot your jaw forward, and relieve pressure on your joints, thereby enabling you to perform at full power without excess stress and fatigue distraction.

Maintaining Your Custom Mouthguard

Proper care and cleaning are vital aspects of using a protective device such as a custom mouthguard. Users should have a safe place to store it when not in use and ensure it is cleaned properly before and after use. Regular replacement, typically yearly, guarantees optimal performance and the best protection possible. In conclusion, custom mouthguards are an essential preventative measure for anyone participating in physical activities that risk oral injuries. They offer significant benefits beyond just protecting your teeth – they can enhance athletic performance by aligning the jaw properly and reducing stress on joints, allowing athletes to perform at their full potential without unnecessary fatigue or distraction. It’s a small investment that can offer substantial returns in terms of oral health and overall athletic performance.