Contact sports can put children (and adults) at risk of injury to the teeth, gums or an oral appliance such as braces. In some cases, a tooth may be lost when knocked out during play.

Baltimore dentist Dr. Ed Lazer recommends the UA ArmourBite custom fit sports mouth guard for his patients who play sports, or participate in activities where the teeth can be at risk. This customized appliance provides the maximum comfort and protection for athletes, fitting snugly on the teeth and staying in place without needing to clench the jaw- this can also result in dental health issues down the road and has been proven to actually affect overall energy during athletic performance.

Teeth Don’t Grow Back

Damaging the teeth- or losing a tooth– can often require extensive dental care to repair, restore or replace them. Protect your teeth before you hit the field with the UA ArmourBite sports mouth guard. Schedule a visit with Dr. Lazer for a custom fitting.

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