For many patients considering a cosmetic dental procedure, the most common question and concern is ” what will it look like afterwards?”

Baltimore cosmetic dentist Dr. Ed Laser offers his patients the unique opportunity to have a glimpse into the future with SNAP instant digital imaging. With a quick digital photo of your natural smile, Dr. Laser can provide an image of how a specific dental procedure will look after treatment. The digital software is able to visually enhance a digital photo to show how porcelain veneers, crowns, teeth whitening, etc. will affect your smile.

Dr. Laser offers this service as part of a complimentary cosmetic dentistry consultation. This consultation also includes:

  • Complete esthetic exam
  • Consultation and discussion with Dr. Laser on your personal goals and concerns
  • Before and after photos from SNAP instant dental imaging
  • Chance to browse our inventory of before and after photos and testimonials of patients.

Don’t keep wondering how cosmetic dentistry can improve both your smile and your oral health- schedule your complimentary consultation today! Dr. Laser can create your customized treatment plan for the smile you have always wanted.

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