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Cosmetic and Advanced Dentistry is your local dentist office that offers comprehensive dental services. We are your one-stop shop for general, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry services in Carroll County. Our dentists, Dr. Ed Lazer and Dr. Andrey Doroshenko focus on patients first. A patient-centered approach allows for clear communication between patients and dentists.

Dentists Dr. Lazer and Dr. Doroshenko have the expertise to provide complete dentistry. Their years of dental experience allow them to provide quality care with long-lasting results.

Cosmetic and general dentist Dr. Lazer helps patients improve their oral health and smile aesthetics. Dr. Lazer works with his patients to understand their concerns and match them with the right dental solutions.

Dr. Doroshenko works with patients to restore damaged and lost teeth. He uses digital dentistry and focuses on implants for missing teeth to create lasting restorations. Our dentists serve patients in Carroll County to improve the health, form, and function of the teeth and gums.

Dentist in Carroll County MD

Comfortable Preventive Care

At Cosmetic and Advanced Dentistry, we provide general dentistry as the foundation of our other services. General dentistry can improve your oral health. Preventive care is a part of our general dentistry services. This type of care can stop dental problems from worsening over time.

Our office is fully equipped with the latest dental technology to ensure a comfortable dental visit. We use the Vibrajet, a handpiece that delivers vibrations to override the sensations from injectable anesthesia. In addition, if you have dental anxiety, we may recommend sedation dentistry.

We often recommend sedation for patients with a fear of the dentist because it ensures relaxation during dental treatment. With sedation, pain-free dental care is possible for routine dental cleanings, dental fillings, and more lengthy treatments.

We can also help accommodate you in other ways. Our exam rooms have satellite TVs so you can relax and watch your favorite show. You can also listen to music, use noise-canceling headphones, or bring a stress ball to distract you from treatment.

Dental cleanings are essential if you avoid the dentist due to fear. When you do not visit the dentist, it can increase your risk of dental problems. Visits every six months help our team find dental problems before they develop. We welcome you to contact our office so we can accommodate you for your next visit.

Durable Restorations

Damaged and missing teeth greatly impact your dental health and everyday comfort. If you have a damaged tooth, pressure on this tooth from other teeth in the mouth can lead to more pain and damage. Losing one or more permanent teeth makes eating and speaking difficult. Not to mention, missing teeth can cause embarrassment around others.

Luckily, our Carroll County dentist office provides restorative dentistry to rebuild your smile. Our restorative treatments include crowns, implants, and bridges.

Dental crowns are caps that fully cover and protect teeth. We recommend crowns for large dental fillings, tooth fractures, and worn teeth. Crowns can also benefit patients after root canal treatment to protect a weakened tooth.

Our office uses durable, ceramic tooth-colored crowns. CEREC same-day crowns can help you get a restoration without a long wait. CAD/CAM technology helps us take images of your teeth and mill crowns in our office.  

If you have missing teeth, we will often recommend implants. Dental implants are the gold standard for missing teeth because they use high-quality materials and ensure restorations last. Whether you have a single missing tooth or all your teeth missing, you can secure your restoration with implants.

Implants use titanium posts that replace lost teeth at the root. These posts are permanent and ensure your crown, bridge, or denture lasts for years.

Bridges are another option for missing teeth. Traditional bridges use support from crown-capped natural teeth to replace multiple consecutive lost teeth.

However, we can secure bridges using implants. That way, we don’t have to reshape natural, healthy teeth for crown treatment. In addition, implant bridges will last longer.

Beautiful Cosmetic Results

Problems like worn teeth and chipped teeth can makeit hard to bite and chew. These problems can also impact your self-confidence. Tooth stains from foods, drinks, tobacco, and natural wear are some of the most common cosmetic issues.

At Cosmetic and Advanced Dentistry, we provide customized cosmetic dentistry treatments that can create a more beautiful smile. Before cosmetic dental care, you will visit our office for a smile consultation. We will discuss your cosmetic concerns, smile goals, and budget at this visit.

Our dentists will ensure your cosmetic care matches your facial structure, desired tooth shade, and symmetry. The size, shape, and shade of your new teeth should meet your goals. Your new smile should also work in harmony with your features.

Then, we will recommend cosmetic treatment based on your specific needs.

Dental veneers are a treatment for stained teeth, tooth gaps, and black triangles. Veneers are shell-like treatments we color-match to your desired tooth shade. We will also prepare your teeth and take impressions to customize your veneers.

Teeth whitening is one of the most common cosmetic treatments we offer. We can lift stains from your teeth in just one hour with in-office Zoom!™ treatment. Compared to store-bought treatments, Zoom! offers immediate results. We also provide touch-up treatments to keep your smile bright.

If you want to change your smile, we will recommend a smile makeover. This uses multiple cosmetic treatments to transform your smile completely. Smile makeovers can treat these problems:

  • Stained teeth
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Lost teeth
  • Crooked teeth
  • Black triangles
  • Misshapen teeth

As with other cosmetic treatments, we will schedule a visit so you can discuss your goals. We will also ensure you are healthy enough for cosmetic care. Then, we will find the best treatments for your makeover.

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Cosmetic and Advanced Dentistry is proud to accept new patients from Westminster, Sykesville, and Finksburg. You can schedule an appointment with our Carroll County dentist office online.

If you have any questions about our services or have current dental concerns, let us know at your next visit. We’re always here to help answer your questions.