Take Care of Your Dentures

Patients with missing teeth can find relief with dentures. Dentures are a removable tooth replacement device. They feature prosthetic teeth attached to an acrylic base. Dentures can replace a full arch of teeth or several missing teeth, similar to a bridge. Partial dentures secure prosthetics to surrounding natural teeth with a metal framework. Dentures can be an important part of your oral health, so it’s important to take care of them. Dr. Ed Lazer, a dentist in Baltimore, MD, provides tips for maintaining your dentures.dentures dentist baltimore md

Practice good oral hygiene

Taking care of your oral appliance means keeping up with oral hygiene. You should make sure your mouth is clean and healthy so that your dentures can be as effective as possible. This entails brushing your remaining teeth twice a day and flossing daily. Ideally, you should floss at night to remove plaque that develops between teeth throughout the day. Rinsing with mouthwash will help you eliminate bacteria in spots in your mouth that are hard to reach with traditional brushing. When your mouth is healthy, your dentures have a stable environment to enhance your smile.

Rinse and soak your dentures

Your dentures require maintenance outside of your mouth, too. You can wear dentures most of your day, but they should be soaked in a cleaning solution when not in use. If dentures dry out, they can lose their shape and will not fit your mouth effectively anymore. Dentures can be worn while eating but they should be rinsed thoroughly afterward to remove lingering food particles. Avoid using hot water to rinse your dentures because the heat can damage the fixture. While dentures are not subject to tooth decay like your natural teeth, cleaning your dentures can prevent bacteria from gathering and harming your teeth and gums.

Visit the dentist regularly

Regular dental appointments can ensure your mouth remains clean and healthy and your dentures are working correctly. Your dentist can clean plaque and tartar from your teeth during these appointments. They can also examine your jaw for warning signs of bone loss that can occur for patients with missing teeth. With proper maintenance, your dentures can last up to five years. Ensure they continue to fit well with regular visits to the dentist every six months.

Dentures and more in Baltimore, MD

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